Every year we go apple picking at a local family owned and operated orchard. Every year I normally do the usual apple treats after apple picking but this year I wanted to test making some homemade apple sauce. As I was peeling and coring apples, it occurred to me, did I really have to throw out the rest of the apple? Could I not use the whole apple. Some internet searches produced so many different recipe options but I settled on Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Chips. I use ACV in my bone broth and in baths, so this is a common staple in my pantry. Apple chips are some of my kids favorite dried fruit and are packed with fiber. 

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Cited Resources on Apples:

Benefits of Quercetin (found in apples)

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Homemade Recipes

Want to make healthier swaps from store bought necessities? Here's where I offer homemade recipes. Simple, easy, and full of nutrition with none of the compromise.

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