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October 2021: Caraway

Well Hello , are you ready to dive in? Caraway may seem a bit "odd" for our very first month of our membership, but there is a story behind it.

Homemade Recipes

Want to make healthier swaps from store bought necessities? Here's where I offer homemade recipes. Simple, easy, and full of nutrition with none of the compromise.

November 2021: Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice I have been falling in love with the more and more I use it and learn about how incredibly potent and effective it is. My hope is that introducing you to just how versatile this spice is, you will love it also. 

December 2021: Spruce Needle

Spruce needle is a this year discovery. When the COVID vaccine was released, my 6 year old daughter started getting nose bleeds when she was around newly vaccinated people and so we needed something protective and detoxing from the shedding. Enter in Spruce Needle. Excited to share more about this incredible tree with you this month. 

January 2022: Thyme

If I can have a favorite herb, it's thyme. That's allowed right? I'm allowed to have a favorite? No judging any of the other topics we've covered or the ones to come, but Thyme is definitely my favorite. I love cooking with it, growing with it, and now I even love making my most used medicinal product: onion syrup with it. Take a "Thyme Out" with me this month and learn more about this phenomenal herb.

February 2022: Garlic

I threw up a poll on my instagram page and Garlic won for February. Normally the "month of love" is something spicy, but why not talk about garlic breath and more instead? Because let's face it, if you're really in love, you're dealing with Garlic breath anyway ;) 

March 2022: Cinnamon

Cinnamon. I remember back in 2019, my husband and I were in a cooking class in Salzburg Austria learning to make Austrian Strudel and the chef had a giant container of cinnamon and said "I just do 5 large hand palms of cinnamon". So now, whenever I'm baking or using cinnamon, I just beat the bottom of the container on my hand when I "measure" cinnamon and it just works. Let's dive into some medicinal uses of cinnamon and some recipes for the month. 

April 2022: Echinacea

I recently ordered a ton of bulk herbs and Echinacea was just calling to me. I've had this annoying cough since August, that is super wet and moist in the morning and gets worse when it's a rainy day (which is frequent here in Germany). When I got COVID in February, the cough got worse, but I subdued it back down to "normal" with a nebulizer- but I still have the blasted cough. So let's try some new homeopathics this month shall we?

May 2022: Dill

Maybe you're a dill fan, I'm not. I'll just be honest right out of the gate. I'm also not a pickle fan, but everyone keeps telling me I may like homemade pickles over store bought ones. So guess what I did in? I made homemade pickles for the first time and the main ingredient I needed: Dill. So this month, we're learning about dill. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

June 2022: Dandelion

Did you know I was 32 before I knew the yellow dandelion and the white dandelions were the same flower? *mind blown*. I knew they were both called "dandelion" but I didn't make the brain connection until 32 they were the exact same flower. The dandelion has an extra symbolic meaning to our family having two military kids. Their flower is the dandelion. Forage for some dandelions this month with me, I promise you won't be disappointed.

July 2022: Homeopathic First Aid Kits

Summer time is here and for most families they are outdoors during summer vacation. Outdoors means more risk, more opportunities for accidents and injuries. Carrying a small first aid kit with you in your backpack or purse and keeping a larger one in your car for quick treatments seems like a no brainer for more. So let's talk first aid kids- but make it homeopathic!

August 2022: St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort originally gained popularity for it's discovery of helping mild to moderate depression. However, this plant does so much more than just help with that. I share my first epic fail with making tinctures this month so that it can help you not make the same mistake.

September 2022: Hibiscus

I bought a bag of dried Hibiscus in France back in 2020 when I went into a health food store and NEVER opened the bag until spring 2022. Not even remotely exaggerating and I fell in love with it after I started making infusions and lemonade with it. I don't think it is by accident that I had the bag and waited until I used it. Timing is everything. 

October 2022: Eucalyptus

As we round into the winter months, let's talk about a very popular remedy for congestion, coughs & stuffy noses: Eucalyptus

November 2022: Ginger

This past spring, I dived into making Ginger Beer. For years I had made kombucha, but then my stomach wasn't handling it well so I stopped making it. Ginger Beer is exponentially easier to make than Kombucha and it tastes so much better in my personal opinion. This month, I'll walk you through a warm & cold ginger beverage to elevate your health & well being. 

December 2022: Star Anise

Star Anise - not only symbolically perfect for our Christmas season, but a wonderful spice to utilize during this time of the year. Join us for some warmth of the spirit this Holiday Season!

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