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Herbs & Oils Monthly Membership Community

The Herbs & Oils Membership is for those individuals looking to include more homeopathic and herbal remedies into their day to day life that also want to understand the specifics of plant based choices. Each month features a specific plant, oil, or remedy video; cited research on the homeopathic option & a recipe download to implement into your day to day life. 

Moms Household Diffuser Blends

Make housework more enjoyable by pairing your tasks with diffuser blends.  Enjoy a sample of my own personal household cleaning calendar as well on how I manage to keep our home clean with minimal stress and effort.

Use Your Oils - 30 Day Challenge

Take the next 30 days to learn how to use the oils that you have in your home to elevate your physical and emotional health. Learn how to use the oils that you already have on hand. 

I include downloads to make your life simple and stress free and several videos showing you some of my absolute favorite tips and tricks.

The best part. It's 100% FREE. No tricks and no gimmicks. Just good ole fashion information and application.

Beginner Essential Oil Classes

I know now that you are using your essential oils more and creating more blends you have lots of questions.

Questions like:

  • How can I use these for sleep?
  • How can I use these for pain?
  • Are they safe for my pet to be around them?
  • I want healthier alternatives to medicine in my life, can these help me make a switch to a more natural way of life?
  • How do I know which essential oil brands are safe?

I answer all of these questions and so much more in a webinar series that I created.

    Herbs & Oils Recipe Book

    Expand your knowledge and usage of common plants, herbs, and essential oils in your home to take the place of conventional medicinal remedies. This ebook is meant to start your journey into more plant based healing in very simple to use recipes.

    This ebook compliments the Herbs & Oils monthly membership and only encompasses the herbal remedies talked about during the October 2021-October 2022 membership year. The monthly membership includes many more recipes and plant based topics, not included in this ebook. 

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